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All about waves at the Emmy's


Emmy hair 2014

Emmy hair 2014


If ever there was a question about this summer's trend for wavy hair, the Emmy Awards were a great example of how this style is strong, powerful, feminine and a style for all ages.  I really love how waves soften the face yet the hair is pliable and soft.  If the hair is shoulder length waves add volume and texture creating an architectural feel.  If the hair is long, waves add movement and and a feel of real style.  


Here's how to create waves in your hair:


If your hair is straight:  after freshly shampooing and conditioning the hair comb hair with a wide toothed comb.  Apply a good sized dollop of a curl enhancer such as MoroccanOil Curl Defining Cream or TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier.  Make a simple vertical section from just behind the ear, pick the hair up from the middle scrunch the hair into your fist. Push the hair into the diffuser and push it up as close to your head as possible.  You may need to lower the heat.  

***It's important to leave  the dryer in one spot until the hair is completely dry.

Divide the back of the hair into three sections or less depending on thickness of hair.  The thicker the hair the smaller the section should be.  Continue working around the head until the hair is completely dry.  

Finish by gently shaking out the curl.  Is will be too curly at first.  Don't worry, gravity will win and the curl will relax into waves.  Use a light hairspray like MoroccanOil

You will need a diffuser attachment for your blowdryer or diffuser blowdryer.  

**Straight hair must use blowdryer to achieve desired results.


Take care to evenly apply the product through the hair with more product on the ends than the root.  


If your hair is curly, you may have to comb your hair straight to create waves rather than curl.  Apply a good sized dollop of a curl enhancer such as MoroccanOil Curl Defining Cream And work evenly through the hair. Begin with creating your desired parting and comb hair straight with a fine toothed comb for control. Very gently squeeze waves by pushing the hair up towards the part.  Less is more!  Remember your hair will want to curl up so keeping it flat and wavy may be a challenge.  Once the desired waves are in place, diffuse the hair dry without touching it.  Take care to make sure the air from the dryer does not disturb the the hair.  Be patient.  It will take longer to dry then you think.  A great test to see if it's really dry is to use the cold shot button on the dryer.  It's easier to feel the dampness when it's cool.  Once you are sure it's completely dry you can then gently use your fingers to rake the hair from the part down to the ends.  If it gets too big or develops some frizz, I recommend Sojourn's Monoi Oil.  It's amazing at combating frizz and not feeling the least bit greasy.


Here is one more look at Moroccan Oil's braids for Temperley London last fall, those braids are here to stay!

fishtail braid made into seashell braid
fishtail braid
Gel Salon Cary hair


Feeling the fishtail today!

Both professionally done and hair at home versions. Pictured are two fantastic braids, the first is a seashell braid created by curling and pinning the end of a french fishtail braid.  The second is a traditional french braid to the side above the ear, and below it becomes a fishtail braid.

For hair at home, watch the video tutorial on fishtail braids for shorter hair.  This is an ideal way for those with shoulder length hair to get achieve a fishtail braid, so flattering and on trend! The first portion is a tutorial on a simple french fishtail.  Then she demonstrates how to alternately work the braid around the head for a soft updo. 

Rachel Gel Salon hair Cary


Another option for smooth summer hair by Moroccan Oil, shown by Artistic Director Antonio Corral Calero.  This version eliminates frizz while still giving hair some gentle and coiffed waves.  As a bonus, Chelsea McGinty creates a beautiful summer look with a brown and violet smoky eye and berry gloss to compliment the hairstyle.

Rachel Gel Salon hair Cary


Click the picture above to get three tutorials for easy summer hair.  The first is a half up braided rose, the second is a nautical knot, and the third is a wrapped low side pony.

They are all simple, sweet and have the carefree air of summer.

Brought to you by the lovely Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere.

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