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Yet another braid from Moroccan Oil.  This one is a fishtail version of a french braid, with a detail braid across the front that ties into the main fishtail braid.  They figured out how to make braids even better! 

Ski hair by Wella for Sochi Olympics 2014
Snowboarding hair by Wella for Sochi Olympics 2014
Figure skate and Speed skate hair by Wella for Sochi Olympics 2014
Figure skate hair by Wella for Sochi Olympics 2014
Nikki Gel Salon Cary hair


 Wella has set up shop in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics, and gathering top colorists and stylists together to take care of top athletes and their families for the games leads to inspiring work.  Above are some examples of the stylists' interpretations of a few of the Winter Events.  

From skiing (top), with it's big lines and sharp edges to the impressive theatrics of figure skating (bottom far right) there is a wealth of history and attitude to draw from.  And the clean bangs and braided bun pay homage to the classical side of figure skating (bottom inner left) while still being big enough to hold up to the dramatic expectations.  The sculptural hair for speed-skating (bottom inner right) captures the momentum and precision of the sport.  Lastly, loose waves and edgy bangs are true to the carefree spirit of snowboarding (bottom far left).

So many different looks to represent the varied sports of the Olympics, all incorporating the hair trends of 2014.

heart hair tutorial

Step by Step Heart Half Bun for Valentines Day:  Grab bobby pins, two small elastics, and a comb.

1.  Start by putting loose waves in your hair.

2.  Next put your hair half up, seperating into two small ponytails side by side.

3.  Now twist the right ponytail in a downward motion and slide a bobby pin into the base near the ponytail holder.  (Anchoring it)

4.  Then wrap the ponytail up and over (see photo 4) to create the top of the heart.  Twirl in the same direction.

5.  Add bobby pins in these three spots (see photo 5).

6.  Repeat on the left side.

7.  Finally add a bobby pin at the bottom of the heart for extra security.

valentine hair
valentine hair
Rachel Gel Salon Cary hair


Brought to you by The Beauty Department, a great and sassy hairdo for valentines day.  This updo is a great way to celebrate the cuteness of the holiday, and boasts 'wow factor' for the sweet surprise in the back.


Rachel Gel Salon Cary Hair


As fun as it was to dip into men's hair, today we are focusing back on women's looks.  This simple chignon is great for shorter to medium length hair.  Those with longer hair can make it work too, curl your hair further up, and when you twist and tuck let it make a slightly longer chignon.  It's also perfect for the impending snow storm, easy and cute; and changing the headband makes the updo a new look again and again.

retro men's cut 2014 men's style Gel Salon Cary hair
Rachel Gel Salon Cary hair


Another big trend for men's hair in 2014 is retro cuts and styles, here are two of the most popular looks:

Deep parts paired with hair that is short on the back and sides, and longer on top.  Easy to maintain with your natural texture.

Slicked back hair, which is again short on the back and sides, and longer on top.  This look will need pomade and a comb to work.

side braid step one c&c hair

Step 1: Part hair to one side (directly above the arch of your eyebrow).

Step 2: Separate hair into three pieces and begin the french braid process across the top of your head. 

side braid step 2 c&c hair

Step 3: Continue french braiding, incorporating more hair as you follow your hairline.

side braid step 3 hair c&c

Step 4: Secure the braid directly on the back of your head with bobby pins.

Step 5: Take two small pieces of hair on the opposite side of the braid and twist each.

side braid step 4 hair c&c

Step 6: Secure the twists directly above where you pinned the french braid.  Then, create a simple low bun with the remaining hair, covering the bobby pins.

Step 7: Finish by giving the braid a bit of volume and messing it up slightly by pulling out small sections of hair so the look isn't too perfect.

side braid end style c&c hair
Rachel Gel Salon Cary, NC Hair


A fantastic step by step for an easy side braid by Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere.  This is one braid updo that can be achieved with shorter hair for all of those feeling left out by the braiding styles that require long locks.

As a bonus for your style, I suggest you put a bit of texturizing product in before hand (this will give more body and dimension to your hair) and finishing off with a light or medium hairspray (which will give your hair hold).  For an extra bit of oomph, go for two mini braids opposite the french braid, or mix just one in.

Go play!

Men Cary Gel Salon Hair Cut and Style
Rachel Gel Salon Cary Hair


Women aren't the only ones embracing big hair this year.  From pompadours, afros, and voluminous curls men are rocking skyscraper hairdos. 

Let's all embrace big hair together, as these guys show: it looks great!  Come in and talk to one of our stylists about how to transition to higher hair.

$20 off cut with any color service Gel Cary Hair Salon
Gel Salon Cary Hair


Our February special is a great deal: with any color service you choose you get $20 off a cut with our Classic Stylist, Andrea.  Get your hair ready for Valentine's Day at an even better price!  Call and book your appointment ASAP.   This promotion is good for all of February for any new client.

  Gel Salon services the Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Morrisville and greater Triangle area of North Carolina. We are hair care experts in every sense of the words.  Gel Salon specializes in hair cuts, hair color, hair highlights and foil, hair styling for both men and women, airbrush makeup, up-do's, hair extensions, and hair straightening. If you have flat, lifeless hair, we will give your hair volume and body. If you have frizzy, curly hair and you desire smoothness, we use amazing treatments such as Pravanna and La Brasiliana straighteners to give you the smooth silky hair you want to achieve. Gel Salon can satisfy all of your hair and beauty wants and needs. We have the knowledge, talent and skills to give you any look you desire. 

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